Near London a mum rests between contractions as pictured by professional birth photographer Hannah Palamara.


"I am now offering Doula Care & Birth Photography together only. After over 3.5 years of working as both a doula and birth photographer my experience has brought me to a place where I couldn't imagine not documenting such a beautiful time in my clients lives. As a highly experienced doula who also knows when to stand back and give space there are many moments to quietly capture images that tell the story of your birth. Many doula's are happy to take photo's during birth but the difference with me is that as a professional photographer you will be receiving quality images and experience"


UK Doula Support

I am a UK Doula who serves families across Kent, London, and Sussex. As your doula, I support you in the birthing choices you and your partner have made. When possible, I will direct you to further information, educational resources, and support so that you can make informed decisions in your pregnancy & Birth. I calmly and quietly stay by your side throughout pregnancy and continuously during your labor and birth. I like to think of myself as the guardian of your birth space, creating and maintaining a peaceful birth environment where you feel safe whether that is at home or in the hospital. I tailor my support and services to your individual needs. 

I have experience with:

VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)
Postnatal depression
Support for Single Parents

Support for New Parents
Support for Mature 40+ Women
Recovery from Cesarean Section
Recovery from Traumatic Birth

Hospitals across Kent, London, and Sussex 

Huge smaile from mom after giving birth with the support of London doula and birth photographer Hannah Palamara.
Hannah Palamara supports women and families through the birth process from prenatal to birth and postpartum care.

 Doula & Birth Photography Package

Pricing starting from £1000

  • A FREE introductory meeting

  • Birth Photography Documentation

  • Unlimited phone and email support

  • 2-3 antenatal visits offering help developing a birth plan, birth wisdom and knowledge, a chance to debrief any previous traumatic experiences, information and education on breastfeeding and getting to know you and your birthing partners

  • On call 24 hours a day 3 weeks before and 2 weeks after your due date.

  • Continual physical and emotional support during labour and birth

  • 1-2 hours of assistance following birth until you and baby are settled

  • If required help getting breastfeeding started

  • 24 hour phone assistance 2 weeks after birth

  • 1-2 in home postnatal visits offering a chance to debrief the birthing experience, help settling into breastfeeding and new motherhood, help with recovery after birth

  • Use of an essential oil kit during labour

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