Baby's first last shortly after being born in the water near London at home with Hannah Palamara present as a professional birth photographer.

"Having Hannah at the birth of our daughter was wonderful, and I was truly thrilled with the film she made for us. Watching the video for the first time was so strange because during many of the moments she captured, I honestly didn't realise she had been there. Yet her presence was also comforting and reassuring when I needed it the most. One of the most moving things about the film for me is the way she managed to show exactly what our life felt like at that moment; the little details of our home and the relationship with our older daughter. It makes me feel proud and very emotional and is something I will treasure forever."

Gemma & Bob 2017

“Hannah, I don’t really know how to put this all into words but I want to thank you for the amazing support and knowledge you have given me through my pregnancy and labour. After my first birth I was left scared of labour and felt let down by my body but you helped me to make sense of what happened and then gave me a belief in my body and my baby that I didn’t think was possible. I even felt excited as I approached my guess date!
When you came to our house the night my labour started I remember you walking in and placing your hands on my back and speaking to me, I instantly felt calm, you made me feel at ease and relaxed because I knew you believed in me and were there to help support me though that amazing time. During my labour you seemed to respond to my every need without me needing to say a word. I felt so cared for and supported. I knew everything would be fine when I looked at your calm smiley face.
I never thought I could have a perfect birth, I just hoped it would be intervention free and that I could remain at home but with your support, Hannah, I achieved my perfect birth and I now feel incredible. I am so happy I was able to give Ollie such an amazing entrance into the world and I believe that it has had a massive impact on how well he is settling into our family and life earth side. I am so proud of myself and my body and believe me that means so much after going through and eating disorder and a birth that left me feeling my body couldn’t birth by itself. Thank you so much Hannah I really hope you know how amazing you are and I hope we can stay in touch”

Kerry & Paul May 2016

“I wanted a homebirth for my second child, and felt a real pull towards having a doula – although I actually didn’t really know exactly what they did! But I am a research psychologist and study, amongst other things, traumatic birth. As a result, I strongly believe that fear interferes greatly with labour, and also that support throughout pregnancy and birth is critical to a smooth labour. So, even though having a doula seemed unusual and many people didn’t ‘get it’, I trusted my instinct and began interviewing doulas. As soon as I met Hannah I knew she was right for us! She is grounded, loving, calm and wise. Hannah helped my husband and I figure out what we wanted, what we were afraid of, what we needed, and then helped it all come true. It is actually very difficult to explain her value, and I don’t really like to talk in those terms, because she is more than I can explain. All I would say is that I had an amazing natural homebirth, and Hannah helped it be amazing. I did it, but she supported me and gave me the space to have exactly the kind of labour I wanted. My husband and I both really respect her and love her, because she was a beautiful part of this incredible life experience we shared.”

Sarah & Neil 2016

“We were lucky enough to have a pregnancy photoshoot with Hannah when I saw her advertisement on Facebook. I really liked the idea of having a pregnancy shoot as we had never done anything like this and had also had a difficult journey to this baby so I was keen to mark the late stage of my pregnancy with a really positive experience.
We drove out to Kent on a beautiful summers evening where we met Hannah for the first time. She was very friendly and approachable and immediately put us at ease. We left our eldest child playing with her children and drove out along the country lanes. We all chatted easily, and soon came to a stop by a wheat field where we walked into the field and began shooting. Hannah was very positive and made us feel confident to just be ourselves as she photographed, making suggestions to suit us, the subject (the bump!) and the light.
We went to another two locations and were laughing easily by this point and enjoying ourselves. I had bought some different outfits at Hannah’s suggestion and changed into one so we could have some variety. We were really lucky to be surrounded by all the beautiful natural scenery and used the wheat, flowers and farm gates to provide some lovely natural detail.
When she felt we had enough shots we headed back to her home where our son had not missed us being entertained by her daughters and having a chat to her husband on the phone! We had a cup of tea and a chat and headed off.
A short time later Hannah sent a few of the shots which were really lovely, some in colour, some in black and white and all really natural. She asked us if she could use the images on her website which was very flattering. We are so glad we contacted Hannah and had the pleasure of the shoot it was just what we needed as a final boost before our baby arrived…a girl, at home in water the following month.
I have stayed in touch with Hannah as we all got along really well and had such a great time on the shoot and we would like her to photograph our two children together. I would definitely recommend her photography services to anyone seeking any family photos, her natural shoot style is a really lovely alternative to studio portraiture and she will make even the most nervous sitter at ease with her warm and positive manner.”

 Rachel & Wayne (and bump) July 2014

“I first heard of Hannah when my friend Lisa tagged me in a Facebook post about birth photography. I was pregnant with my 4th baby and really keen to have some lovely pictures of labour and birth.
I’d been determined from the start of this pregnancy to have this baby at home, having had 3 natural births before and a history of fast labours I felt this was the best choice for me. I spoke to Hannah and when I found out she was a doula, I really wanted her to be there as my doula as well as a photographer.
I met Hannah when I was almost 37 weeks pregnant, and within minutes I knew she would be the perfect person to have at my birth. She has a lovely calmness about her and is incredibly passionate about natural birth. We talked about my birth plan and she brought round a birth ball, some books and natural remedies that she thought I might find useful.
My waters started to leak on Thursday 3rd of July, but I wasn’t completely sure if it was waters or not so I waited. On Saturday afternoon, they went with a gush. Because I’ve had precipitate labours in the past, and my babies usually make a speedy arrival within an hour or so of my waters breaking, I called Hannah and she came straight down to me. We inflated the birth pool and chatted, both feeling the excitement of what was to come. I began to worry as the evening went on and nothing was happening, but Hannah reassured me constantly, telling me that my body knew what it was doing and that I was going to meet my baby soon. I bounced on the ball and had a clary sage bath but still nothing.
I felt tearful and got into bed where Hannah offered me a foot rub. She told me to rest and stayed over night to see if things would start. In the morning, nothing had happened so she went home, and I tried to get things moving with a walk, some homeopathic remedies to encourage labour, and finally a session of acupuncture. I spoke to Hannah throughout the day and she reassured me and told me my body was preparing for birth.
The midwives came and told me they were concerned as my waters had been leaking for 3 days and wanted to induce me. I was beside myself and phoned Hannah, who reassured me and told me she believed I would go into labour soon, and that she would come with me if I did decide to go along the path of induction. I decided not to be induced that evening, but agreed to go in for monitoring and blood tests and be induced the next day if I felt that baby was unhappy.
Without Hannah’s encouragement, I think I would have gone in to hospital that afternoon. I then put the kids to bed, and relaxed with them, deciding that there was nothing more I could do to push my body and to just wait and see what happened.
Around 9pm I got a contraction, followed by another a couple of minutes later. They were strong as I thought this could be it! I rang Hannah excitedly and she told me she was setting off straight away, and to call the midwives, which I did. I then called Hannah around 20 minutes later as my contractions had got very strong and were all in my back.
I could feel baby moving down and was worried that I would end up giving birth all alone. She was on her way and managed to calm me down on the phone, telling me she wouldn’t be long and that I was doing amazingly and I was going to meet my baby soon! She also rang an ambulance at that point as she wasn’t sure if I was starting to push (it turns out that I was bearing down, but baby was just turning round as he had been back to back. That was definitely a strong sensation!)
When Hannah arrived, I felt like I could relax a bit more and stop trying to hold off each wave as labour intensified. She was there keeping me calm and giving me faith in my body when I started to panic that I couldn’t manage any more. I was so glad of her by my side, rubbing my back and telling me how well I was doing. I soon started pushing, and the midwife arrived soon after Hannah but I didn’t really speak to her as I was so close to having my baby. Baby Louie was born with just a couple of intense pushes on my living room floor! I had planned a water birth but there was nowhere near enough time to fill the pool!
Louie was born at 10pm exactly on the 6th of July 2014. Louie was perfect, and I had a completely natural 3rd stage just half an hour after I delivered him which I was so happy about as I have a history of retained placentas. I believe the fact it came so easily and naturally was down to my hormones, having felt so relaxed and happy and being so well supported in my labour.
After I had Louie, Hannah helped me run a lavender bath and made me a placenta smoothie, then put down towels and sheets so I could get into bed with my gorgeous new baby. I couldn’t have wished for a better experience. I can never thank Hannah enough for everything she did for me. Without her strength and belief in me, I would have never believed in my body enough to hold off from induction and I would never have got my beautiful natural home birth. She was an absolute rock, and that perfect Sunday night delivering my baby was truly the best experience of my life”.

Liv August 2014

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