Woodland Maternity Session with Hannah - London & Kent Maternity Photography

I met Hannah when she hired me to be Doula and Birth Photographer to her third baby quite late in the pregnancy. When we spoke on the phone and then in person I realised how anxious Hannah was about this birth after a very difficult first birth and then a speedy unplanned home birth with her second. 

We spoke for many hours about her first two births and how she wanted this one to be different. 

One of the things I find working with women who have experienced difficult births previously is that debriefing and talking through the previous birth/s makes a huge difference in planning and experiencing the next one. Every woman is different and how I work with them is led by them. I always approach them gently and in a completely neutral way and often share part of my own story too as I have experienced three very different births and I feel by sharing and being open with them they often feel more comfortable opening up to me. 

In the days leading up to the birth we discussed at length about the possibility of baby coming quickly at home before the midwives arrived as this time she had planned a home birth and I think Hannah relaxed somewhat knowing that things would be ok and she knew what to do and trusted her body should baby decide to come quickly.

As it happened sweet baby Lyra did arrive speedily before the midwives with just me and husband Tim present. And all was well. I look forward to sharing Hannah's birth story soon..

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