IAPBP Image of the year Competition 2017

This year I decided to enter into the International association of professional birth photographers annual competition. I don’t expect to win or even be placed there is just SO much beautiful and raw talent out there! With over 600 hundred entries this competition is fierce! But what I do love is how this competition brings together photographers from all over the world to celebrate the beauty and realness of birth.

Over the last few weeks while we have all been deciding which images to submit all I have seen is absolute support and celebration in the beauty of each photographers submissions. It totally warms my heart to see so many photographers supporting each other when often (especially in other genres) photography is quite a competitive market.

This competition is not just about winning or being placed but more about celebrating each and every one of the entries. Birth Photography is an art form and this art can bring so much joy, healing and happiness to the families who choose it as well as helping challenge the perception of how birth is viewed in the media all around the world!

As a UK Birth Photographer I am challenging the market here and trying, along with some other amazing women, to raise the profile of Birth Photography within the UK.

There are four categories for the competition this year Labor, Delivery, Post Partum and Details and the judges will be looking at technical integrity – focus, sharpness, detail, depth of field, color, brightness, contrast, saturation, usage of light, etc. Emotional value and Composition…..Oh and the judges by the way are pretty amazing!

This year there is Ricky Lake and Abby Epstein – Film makers and producers of the award winning film The Business of Being Born (one of my favourite birth films!) Catherine Pearson senior reporter for the Women and Parents sections of The Huffington Post , Penny Simkin , Jan Tritten – founder, mother and editor-in-chief of Midwifery Today magazine, Peggy Vincent –  Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife , Midwife: A Calling, and Midwife: A Journey , Dr Stuart Fischbein Lena HydeKirsten Lewis, Darren MattockDawn ThompsonMolly Flanagan Peggy O’MaraJenna ShouldiceRebecca Dekker Twyla Jones,Aimee Durrance Heather DessignerMichelle AndersonMarijke ThoenLyndsay Stradtner

Here are my submissions – and please check out just some of the other talented photographers who have entered this year


This beautiful woman chose to have a home birth and birthed her VBAC baby on the night of the supermoon. 

Birth Details

This sweet babe was born with sucking blisters where she had been sucking her arm inside the womb. She also had the most beautiful placenta.


This baby already had her eyes open searching for her mother before she came out of the water.

Post Partum

The tranquility and calm in the moments after this babe found her mummy’s arms was breathtaking